Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Situ: Fall 2011 Submission Guidelines

To submit a paper for consideration, the author must be an undergraduate student here at the University of Pennsylvania. Authors must also agree to have their papers reviewed by a faculty member who has overseen the original research or can vouch that the research published is without breach of scientific integrity or honesty.

Professor Review
As students must have a faculty member or instructor from their institution sponsor their submissions, the In Situ editorial board will assist in finding an appropriate sponsor in cases where the author has not been directly overseen. Sponsors must be professors who can certify that they have overseen the research by the author, and/or that the research is in keeping with scientific integrity and honesty, and is of publishable quality.

Selection Process
The In Situ editorial board gladly considers all papers relating to any anthropology-related field. However, due to printing constraints - only the highest quality papers we will be selected. The board will determine this through an internal vote, as well as consultation with professors knowledgeable on the topics of the papers. All authors are encouraged to apply; however, even individuals whose papers are selected must be willing to work with the editorial board to polish the papers and potentially shorten it to a length acceptable for printing. For longer papers, the full version can be published in the online edition of In Situ.

Formatting Guidelines

Your submitted article should include all of the following sections:

Title Page This should include the title of the work being submitted, the author's name, and contact information (email and phone number)

Abstract (up to 250 words)

Body 7-10 pages max. Please note that if your paper is longer than 10 pages, still submit it, and the editors will work with you to cut it down.

References You must include a references list in APA style web form. For more information on APA style, please visit their

The first round deadline for the Fall 2011 issue is October 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

Please send your submissions to Cassandra Turcotte, In Situ Editor at

Additional Questions?
Please contact us at with any questions on formatting, topic guidelines or any other concerns.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UAS: the 2011 - 2012 Academic Year

Welcome back to Penn, UAS and anthro aficionados! Check back for updates concerning upcoming events and programs from the Department of Anthropology and the Undergraduate Anthropology Society, plus other stuff.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Senior Thesis Work

The link above is a great resource for everyone considering writing a senior thesis!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

UAS Looking for New Board Members

We are currently recruiting undergraduates (freshman, sophomores, and juniors) to join the board for the next academic year. To apply, by Thursday, October 14, please review the positions available below and fill out the application here (closed). We will then be having a meeting with all students wishing to join on Sunday, October 17 at 2pm in the Rodin Mezzanine.

Please reply with any questions! Thanks!

Board Member Positions & Responsibilities: 
1. Chair
- schedule and organize weekly meetings for board and prepare agenda
- oversee tasks done by different members of the group
- take over tasks when others can’t do them
- communicate with department
2. Treasurer/Sac Rep
- keep track of budget
- attend SAC meetings and trainings
- keep track of receipts and reimbursements
- create a budget for the next school-year on the SAC website and meet with SAC representatives
3. Secretary/Webmaster
- keep website, blog, and facebook page up to date
- take and publish meeting minutes
4. PR/Communications
- organize advertising for events
- send emails out to professors of introductory classes
- create flyers for events
5. Event Planners
- come up with popular events and gauge interest 
- arrange rooms, food, contacts, transportation
- work with PR/communications to advertise events
6. Board Members at Large- help out whenever needed on events
- propose new events or workshops
- attend SAC meetings when needed

In Situ Journal of Undergraduate Research
7. Editor-in-Chief
- send out calls for papers to professors and students
- organize others to review and edit papers
- make final decisions about papers to be included, format, and focus of In Situ
8. Associate Editors/Photo Editor

- aid Editor in Chief in review and edits of papers
- help decide papers that go into magazine
- send out calls for photographs to students
- choose, format, and caption photographs to follow paper themes
9. Layout Editor- work on formatting and layout of papers and journal as a whole
- prepare cover 
- in charge of bibliographic coherence

Research Mixer

Do you want to share your research with the undergraduate community?
Do you have any ideas about how to get a research mixer underway?

Contribute your ideas here!

Photo Exhibit for Undergraduate Fieldwork

We are searching for undergraduate researchers interested in putting their photos on display!

If you are interested, post here for some suggestions about how to go about this. We were envisioning a display in the 3rd floor lounge and we may be able to acquire some funding to print a poster, chosen through a competition of some sort. 

Tell us what you think!


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